Every year, a group of 20 students from various European countries travel around by bus – the "Europamobil" – visiting schools within a different region of Europe, in order to run workshops, simulation games and seminars for pupils on specific European issues. Europamobil has already taken place successfully eleven times in Germany, Poland and France.

In 2020, Europamobil returns to Poland and takes places from September 7 to October 2, 2020 in the region of Mazovia (around Warsaw).

In view of the current situation regarding COVID-19, precautions for the safe implementation of Europamobil will be taken, as the health of the participants is of the highest priority and is always at the centre of the concrete implementation of the project.

Who are we looking for? Europamobil is aimed at students between 18 and 30 years from all European countries who are motivated to transmit their enthusiasm for Europe to pupils. Students who have already dealt with European political issues in the course of their studies and/or socio-political commitment are particularly encouraged to apply for the project.

The costs of participation (accommodation, meals and transport) are fully covered.

Europamobil offers practical experience in teaching and in project work in an international environment. Depending on the university, the participation may be recognised as an internship or an ECTS equivalent. All involved participants will enrich their knowledge about European issues by participating in discussions with invited experts as well as in the final conference. The weeklong introductory seminar includes training units on project management, on pedagogical methods and on EU issues. Europamobil provides also an opportunity to build an international network and to reinforce intercultural skills.

Application deadline is June 19, 2020.

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