We look forward to welcoming you in Poland and Poznań. The Faculty of Sociology is one of the most respected centers of sociology in Poland, which are usually associated with Florian Znaniecki. We offer a variety of lectures in English (AMU PIE) for our foreign guests, as well as cooperation with our staff based on the exchange programs and research visits. If you are interested, please contact Marek Nowak (marek.nowak@amu.edu.pl).

The Erasmus program is a unique opportunity to visit Faculty of Sociology (information about application procedures, courses and Learning Agreement). If you are interested, please contact Filip Schmidt (filip.schmidt@amu.edu.pl).

The Faculty of Sociology offers regular study programs (in Polish). Study rules and terms are available in documents posted on the University website (Application procedure, criteria and required documents for Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and Ph.D. Degree). More information is posted on many subpages: AMU Faculty of Social SciencesAMU promotional folderConferences and Event

If you want to visit Poznań for tourist reasons, please see Poznań tourism.
Students who are going to start studying in Poznań may find many useful tips there as well. 


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CONTACT with AMU Faculty of Social Sciences

Erasmus Coordinator: Dr Marcin Poprawski
Phone: +48 61 829 21 09, e-mail: poprawski@amu.edu.pl 
Secretary: Ms Joanna Nowaczyńska
Phone: +48 61 829 21 00, e-mail: nowaasia@amu.edu.pl 

Dr Filip Schmidt, e-mail: fschmidt@amu.edu.pl 

Doctoral studies in Faculty of Sociology:
Head: Dr Habil. Piotr Jabkowski, e-mail: pjabko@amu.edu.pl 
Secretary: Ms Anna Piechuła, e-mail: anna2008@amu.edu.pl


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